Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies, puppy dogs and rainbows...

I know it's been over a week since I last posted, but I've been busy reuniting with TDH! He was exhausted when he got back on Saturday, so he came over on Sunday and we spent all evening and night Sunday together until he had to go into work on Monday morning. I told him how happy I was that he is back, over and over again and he said he was too. Once, I was like, "YAY!" He responded with, "What?" I said, "I'm just really happy you're back!" He said, "I missed you too!" I guess it was pretty obvious that that was what I was meaning to say, but just couldn't get out. I guess some old habits die hard!

Tuesday evening, TDH came over after having drinks with his old roommate, he was a bit drunk, but he was wanting to have some fun in bed. Why is it that guys seem to forget that being drunk usually means having some troubles when it comes to sex? It doesn't bother me, but it only leads to them feeling embarrassed. The next morning, we woke up and TDH wanted us to cook a big breakfast - blueberry pancakes, bacon, english muffins, etc. So, we started cooking and when breakfast was ready, the beers from the night before caught up with him and he didn't feel well. I told him not to worry, that I didn't want him to eat just because I cooked. So I finished eating and we got back into bed and watched Back to the Future Part 3, while TDH recovered from his night of fun. It's so nice that we're both in sales and can go into work whenever we want! He left at around 1pm and I went off to work.

Wednesday night I went out with Bra Girl and Nik to watch some bands play. Friday evening, Blondie and I went out to dinner together for some delicious food. TDH was out of town for the night with some of his high school friends.

Yesterday afternoon, TDH came over to hang out and spend the evening with me. It was cute because we both didn't care what we did, it was just both of our priorities to be with each other. Initially, we were going to go see a friend's band play, but TDH was tired from the night before, so he kind of just wanted to veg out, but if I wanted to go out, he would take one for the team. I told him that I didn't care what we did, I just wanted to spend time with him, that was my priority for the night. He teased me for saying that. I was like, "I say something sweet and you make fun of me?!" (He knows it's hard for me to be vulnerable.) So we watched "Teen Wolf," had some fun in bed and then went out to dinner.

After we got back from dinner, we sat on the couch and were talking about random stuff. He was telling me about how his mom and dad ask about me every day. I told him I think that's cute. After talking more about random stuff, he told me that his mom likes/liked (can't remember which he said) his ex-girlfriend. Ugh. Why do guys say stuff like that?! I really didn't need to hear that. I didn't know how to respond to that, so I was like, "Okay." We talked about more random stuff, some serious stuff and other random stuff and then decided to go back into the bedroom and watch some tv.

Funny story: We were watching the end of "Dirty Dancing," where Johnny and Baby do their big dance. So I told TDH about how my best friend from high school is getting married next year and she wanted to do Johnny and Baby's final dance with her fiance for their first dance at their wedding. TDH thought this was an awesome idea. My best friend's fiance did not. So, as we were watching the final dance, at the part where Baby and Johnny are dancing amongst the hotel guests, and Johnny lifts Baby above his head, not "The Lift," just where he's standing and she's standing and he lifts her, TDH says, "I bet we could do that!" I just laughed, thinking he wasn't serious. He was. He jumps out of bed, in his underwear, and says, "Come on! Let's try it!" So I get out of bed, in my bra and underwear, laughing hysterically at this point. TDH says, "Don't make fun of me if I can't do it. Johnny was really strong, he's lifting her from a dead stand. But you're like, what, 100 pounds? I think I can do it!" So, yeah, 6'4" TDH and little 5'4" me totally did this at 1am in our underwear. It was freaking hilarious! But we did it! TDH lifted me! Twice! So funny!

Anyways, after that, we had what we both now consider to be the best sex either of us have ever had. Absolutely mind-blowing. Then it was sleepy-time.

This morning we woke up and stayed in bed, just lounging around for a while, talking. At one point in our discussions from the night before, TDH had said that he doesn't know me, so I questioned him about this. He said, "I would hope that I don't fully know you yet. There's still more after the chocolate chip cookies, puppy dogs and rainbows stage." I laughed and said that of course there's more, but that I think we're past the "honeymoon" period of the relationship. At that point of the relationship, both people are still on their best behavior and I think we're past that at this point. He agreed, but he just wondered if we've fully seen each others flaws. I told him that he knows my flaws and that's my difficulty with being vulnerable, but that I'm obviously getting much better with that and then I gave him examples. I asked him what his flaws are and he asked me what I thought they are. I told him that I would think that it's that he tries to do everything and can maybe sometimes spread himself too thin. He agreed, but said that it's just because he wants to experience life. He said that he's been told in the past that he doesn't communicate well/clearly, but he thinks he does and he thinks it's more that those people didn't communicate well, not him.

At one point, I said something that came off totally wrong and I feel badly about. I asked what he's like in a fight - if he is an avoider and just tries to end the fight quickly even if it doesn't really get resolved, just so that the fighting can be avoided. Or if he is a total dick and really fights and insists that he's right, no matter what. I figured he would be one of the two, just because that's been typical of the guys I've dated in the past, and that was totally wrong of me to do. So TDH said, "So you've already prejudged me, huh?" I said, "I'm just guessing!" He said, "You think I'm a total dick, huh?" Then I felt awful. That is totally not how I meant it and I obviously do not think TDH is a dick, otherwise I wouldn't be with him. That's what I said to him and I apologized profusely. He laughed and said he was just joking and said there was no need to apologize, but I already felt so bad for saying what I said.

We had a nice day just laying around and finally around 4pm, it was time to get our lazy butts out of bed and time for TDH to go home.

Anyways, should be an easy work week for both TDH and I, we both have 3 day work weeks with the holiday weekend ahead. I don't have anything special planned for the long weekend though, so with Bra Girl, Blondie and most of my other friends out of town, I'm not sure what I'll be up to this weekend. I think TDH might be house-hunting this week and he wants my help, so that should be fun. He's also mentioned possibly planning and going on a Caribbean vacation together sometime in the fall too!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

V. Excited!

Well, TDH has called a bunch more times since he first called a few days ago. When he called me on Thursday evening, I got some very good news! I was wrong in thinking he was coming home on Sunday, he gets back today (Saturday)!! YAY!

He called again last night and we talked for a bit, and he told me that as long as he isn't extremely tired, he wants to come to my place once he gets in. So YAY! I guess he definitely missed me! Anyways, I have a busy day today, but I'm definitely looking forward to TDH's return this evening!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


TDH is still totally making me swoon and we've been dating since March. He called me today from Asia. I'll say it again. He called me from Asia. Where he's been on a trip with his family for a week and a half. He called me! It wasn't enough to just e-mail me once or twice a day, he called me! Yay! I can't wait until he gets back on Sunday! We talked for about 20 minutes about his trip and what I've been up to. Sigh. I really like him! I don't think I'll be able to restrain myself from jumping on him and hugging him for a long, long time when I first see him again!

Besides TDH, not too much going on. Had Steadman with me yesterday and Monday, glad that's over with, it's just exhausting. Think I need to call my neurologist tomorrow, I don't know if it's the heat, but I've gotten 3 or 4 migraines in the past week, up from 1 every other month. I think I need to up my preventative medication. Oh well.

The toe is healing well, I should be able to dance next week. I'm walking normally now, no more limping so that's definitely a good sign! I'm going to take a stretching class tomorrow evening so I can feel like less of a lazy ass, sitting around watching cooking shows and crappy tv.

Anyways, can't wait for Sunday and TDH's return!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, I'm finally done feeling sorry for myself and my toe! I've been over it for a few days now, but I've just been busy being out and about. Had a follow up appointment today with my podiatrist and he said things are healing well and if they continue to heal well, I should be able to go back to dancing in a week or so. Yay!

Otherwise, I'm just tired. had Steadman, my boss, working with me today, so that's always tiring, not to mention the fact that it's in the 90s here. He's with me again tomorrow, but at least it's only one more day to get through.

Blondie and I went out to dinner together on Saturday night and then went to see Partyboy and his band play a little gig. Blondie thinks he's cute, so I'm trying to set the two of them up for a brief hook-up before he goes away to med school. Sunday, I hung out with Bra Girl by the pool until we couldn't stand the hot weather anymore.

Still e-mailing everyday with TDH. He sends me pictures too, it's really cute. I miss him so much, I just can't wait until he gets back on Sunday. Not sure if I'll get to see him on Sunday or not, but at least I'll get to hear his voice and talk again. Sigh. I just can't wait to be with him again! I'm such a dork.

Oh, I finished reading one of Chelsea Handler's books today, "My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands." It was absolutely hilarious! I highly recommend it if you're looking for a light, entertaining and quick read.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Rant

Okay, I'm not one to really complain much, but I need to just take a few minutes to get some complaining out because I'm feeling sorry for myself...

Had my toe surgery on Tuesday which went well. Took a sick day from work yesterday so that I could be off my foot since I'm usually on my feet all day when working. I was beyond bored. I don't mind being home all day when it's by choice, but when I'm forced to be home all day, it's unbearable, know what I mean? Last night I had to do the first bandage change on my toe. That was gross. Usually for something like that in the past, I've had my Mom there to look first and tell me if it looks bad or not and just take care of it for me. This time though, I was all alone and I hated that. No one there to look at the wound first to reassure me or just hold my hand. Even though it wasn't totally horrible, just a bit gross, I still hated doing it and it made me want to cry for some reason.

My toe still hurts when I try to put weight on it when I walk on it and I definitely can't wear shoes with a heel, only flip-flops. If you knew me in real life, you'd know that I live in 4 inch heels, so only being able to wear flip-flops is torture. I get frustrated when I try to walk normally and it hurts, it just makes me want to cry. It's not the pain that makes me want to cry, but the frustration of being injured. I also really hate that I can't take dance classes for a week or two, it makes me feel really lazy. I love dancing, so this not being able to dance right now business really sucks.

Anyways, I hate ranting like this, but I just felt like I needed to get it out instead of just sitting here on my couch, feeling sorry for myself and wishing I were getting ready to go take some dance classes. And I know things could be WAY worse, I just hate feeling like I can't do things, it REALLY frustrates me. Grr...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cue cheesy grin...

Well, once again my stressing out was for nothing, even though I only stressed out for a brief hour or two. I e-mailed TDH on Sunday morning a quick e-mail to say that I hope his flight to Asia wasn't too bad and just telling him about my day on Saturday and my plans for Sunday. When I got back from Crazy Girl's house later that evening, I already had a reply back from TDH! We've been writing back and forth since then, he's been telling me all about what he and his family are doing in Asia and asking about what I'm up to. He even asked if I want him to bring me back anything from the markets over there. Sigh... I told my Mom about TDH writing me and she said, "Wow, he's got the hots for you!" She's so funny. He just makes me squeal and grin like a crazy lady. In a good way, obviously!

So, that's the little update on TDH.

Tomorrow after working in the morning, I'm having some minor surgery on one of my toes. Since I used to dance so much growing up and I'm hereditarily (not a real word, I know!) prone to them, I tend to get ingrown nails on my right big toe. Not a very comfortable thing. So tomorrow, my podiatrist will use a laser to hopefully correct this problem. Won't be fun, but it will be better to do this then have to go into his office every 6 weeks to have him clip the nail a certain way so it doesn't grow into the skin. Gross, I know.

Anyways, I have a couple of books to read during what should be my brief recovery. One I've already started on - "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." So far it's really good. I also have that new show on the Discovery channel saved in my DVR to watch - "When We Left Earth," about the early space missions. I should have plenty of stuff to occupy my time!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What to Say?

Best College Friend's wedding was beautiful. Quite an exhausting weekend, but she looked beautiful and had a fantastic time. I got back Monday afternoon and even though I was beyond tired, I managed to go to work and take a dance class. TDH and I talked on the phone Monday night for a while.

Tuesday, TDH came over, we went for a nice walk and grabbed a drink at a lounge up the street. We came back to my place and talked for a while about random stuff - we always have the best conversations. We finally decided to go to sleep, but not until we had some mind-blowing sex. Seriously, I had to just lay there after for a good 10 minutes before I could get up or go to sleep. I don't know what it is, but we have the best sex ever. And it's not just the best sex ever for me, TDH has told me on numerous occasions that it's the best sex ever for him and that he has never enjoyed sex so much or wanted it so much. It's crazy, but obviously in a good way!

Wednesday morning, TDH left for work and I worked from home for a bit before heading out to work a bit. TDH called and asked if I wanted to have lunch together. After seeing a pain in the ass office, I met up with TDH for lunch. He's so cute - at one point, he asked if I was wearing my usual "work ensemble." I told him yes, why? He replied, "You just look hot! That would be so distracting for your customers! But I like!" When I was driving to another office after lunch, TDH called and thanked me for meeting him for lunch and we chatted for a while until I had to go into an office. We talked again that night for almost two hours. It's strange, I'm not usually a big phone-talker, but we can just talk and talk.

Thursday evening, TDH came over after my dance class and we went to the lounge up the street for a drink and some dancing. We came back to my place and hung out some before some more fun in bed and then sleep. I had to get up earlier on Friday morning, so I couldn't be up too late.

Friday evening, TDH came over for a mini "Back to the Future" marathon. It's one of my favorite movies and he loves it too, so we watched the first two of the trilogy. We watched the movies and talked about random stuff like music and college and passions. He was going to stay up all night since he left this morning on his family trip to Asia, but he knew it wasn't going to be possible, so we slept from 1:30am until he had to go to back to his parent's house at 5:15am.

So, that's the latest! Is it too soon for me to miss TDH? I'm so used to talking to him so much during the day, so it feels weird that it's now 9:30pm and I haven't spoken to him all day. He won't be able to call while he's away, but he should be able to check his e-mail, so we have each other's e-mail addresses. Now since I have nothing better to do, I'll start stressing over when I should e-mail him. When is it too soon to e-mail him? I need to not freak out because I know he'll be happy to see an e-mail from me whenever he gets a chance to check his e-mail. He'll be in Asia for 2 weeks. Feels like forever, but hopefully it will go by quickly. You'd think this would be easy for me since I used to be in a cross-country relationship!!

Anyways, I'm going out with Bra Girl and a bunch of girls tonight. Went out with Blondie today and saw "Sex and the City" and then went to a street festival. Will probably go hang out with Crazy Girl tomorrow. Trying to stay busy!!