Saturday, June 21, 2008

V. Excited!

Well, TDH has called a bunch more times since he first called a few days ago. When he called me on Thursday evening, I got some very good news! I was wrong in thinking he was coming home on Sunday, he gets back today (Saturday)!! YAY!

He called again last night and we talked for a bit, and he told me that as long as he isn't extremely tired, he wants to come to my place once he gets in. So YAY! I guess he definitely missed me! Anyways, I have a busy day today, but I'm definitely looking forward to TDH's return this evening!


Cara said...

Oooh, it is sooo grand when you are really looking forward to meeting someone again.



Anonymous said...

Well been awhile since dating TDH, he must have excited you a little too much!!

Where are you???