Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy weekend...

Off to Best College Friend's wedding this weekend to perform my Maid of Honor duties! Should be a crazy weekend!

Stayed at TDH's place last night. Cooked dinner for him on Wednesday night and he loved it! More to come after the weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I must sound like a little piglet with all the squealing I've been doing today!

First, I text messaged TDH around 2:45pm, just to say, "Hope you're having a great day!" His reply: "I am now" That was it, I lost it and the squealing started.

Then he just called during a break from a meeting at work to chat and see what I was up to. We talked for a few minutes until his meeting started again and asked when my dance class is over tonight and said to give him a call after that and once I'm all settled in after. Sigh...

The squealing won't stop! I keep remembering things he said to me over the weekend and the past couple of weeks - I'm the best sex he's ever had, I'm gorgeous, he loves spending time with me, I make him smile, we have great conversations, he loves my laugh, I'm "G-d damn hot," etc. I'm sure I blush every single time I remember him saying these things, just as I did when he first said them to me.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A long one!

Where to begin?! Since I haven't updated in a while, I don't even know where to start.

My little trip to Europe was great - lots of food, visiting relatives and running around. It just went by way too quickly. TDH came over the night I got back and we just ordered takeout and cuddled on the couch together. He told me how he thought about me so much while I was gone and he was happy I'm back. I went out for a beer with him and his roommate the next night and then went back to his place to play old school Nintendo. He was being really sweet, putting his arm around me and kissing me on the forehead. After his roommate went to bed, we were just sitting on the couch talking and he was like, "I really like you. I love spending time with you, I always have so much fun. I just hope you know that I really, really like you." Then a little later he was like, "I just hope you're not seeing other guys or anything." I told him that I thought we already had this conversation and of course I wasn't seeing any other guys and that I had no interest in other guys, only him. I didn't go home until 4am and then had my manager working with me the next day which really sucked, but I managed to get through it and actually have a pretty good day. TDH text messaged me in the middle of the day that he hoped my day was going well. We talked on the phone for a while later that night before going to sleep.

The next night, TDH, Bra Girl, a new friend of mine I'll call Blondie and I all went out and met up with Nik and a guy she was out on a date with. We had a ton of fun people-watching at one bar and then dancing at another bar. TDH came home with me and we woke up the next morning, laid in bed all morning talking until noon and then got up and walked up the street and got brunch. It was so nice just walking together in the gorgeous weather having great conversation.

One of the great things about TDH is that he isn't scared to have more serious conversations and most of the time, is the one initiating them. When we were laying in bed together, he'd ask questions like, "What do you want from a relationship long-term?" Most guys run from questions like that, but he asks questions like that.

Before leaving my place after brunch, TDH invited me over to his place to watch a movie later on that night. Once he left, I went to Bra Girl's to hang out by the pool for the afternoon (armed with my SPF 45!). Later that night, I went to TDH's place but I was exhausted from not much sleep, I was struggling to stay awake during the movie. We were laying in bed talking after the movie and I kept dozing off, so we finally went to sleep. TDH was going to breakfast at his parent's house, so we were up at a decent time.

TDH asked me out to lunch on Monday, which was really nice. We met up at this great Mexican place I had never been to and had a nice long lunch together with great conversation. He called later on and asked me over again that evening to hang out, but I had too much work stuff to do, so I had to pass. Wednesday night, we ended up talking on the phone for over 3 hours, one of us should have just gone to the other's place, but oh well! Thursday evening I went to TDH's to hang out with him, his roommate, and one of his roommate's friends. We played some old school Nintendo and had a beer, good times. They all left and TDH and I had fun together.

Friday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Blondie. We both had a bit too much to drink and had to stay at the restaurant to guzzle water until we were okay to drive, but we had so much fun and great conversation. Saturday night, TDH and I grabbed some drinks at a bar and then went to a fun underground club for some dancing before coming back to my place for the night. Last night, TDH invited me over to his place to watch some 90210 and relax. We spent all day today together, just relaxing, talking and hanging out. Also had the best sex ever this morning, it was amazing. He told me again that he really likes me and that he thinks we have a lot in common, we truly enjoy spending time together and being with each other. So, we'll see how this goes!!

TDH is moving out of his apartment and is buying a house, which is awesome. Until he moves into his house in a couple of months, he'll be staying at his parent's house, which sucks, but it's smart. He goes to Asia for two weeks with his family on June 6, so exciting and an amazing trip.

I just really like TDH - he's smart in so many ways, funny, talented, confident, mature, sexy, and so many other things. I'm doing my best to be open and let myself be a bit more vulnerable than I normally would be so that our relationship can evolve. I've told TDH that it's hard for me to open up and let myself be vulnerable, but that I'm trying. He understands and told me that he thinks it's important in a relationship to open up, but he wants me to be comfortable and take my time.

So, that's the main update! As I think of more details, I'll post again! Hope you all had a great long weekend!!

Little update:

I left TDH's at 5:30pm today and TDH already called me again at 8pm just to chat while he was on his way back to his place from his parent's house after dinner. He's so freaking sweet! Also, don't you love it when guys do little things like look over at you and just reach over and brush the hair away from your eyes? Gives me butterflies! Sigh...

Friday, May 23, 2008


Sorry for my long absence! Things have been crazy since I've been back from vacation, but I promise an update this weekend!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Just a quick little update before I'm on vacation for a week!

This week flew by - just been working, taking dance classes and getting everything ready to go on my trip! Still talking to TDH every day - he's been crazy with trying to get his album finished, but luckily that will be done within the next week and then it's off to get copies made to be released!

I went out to the movies with some friends on Friday night and saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," absolutely hilarious!! After, we went to a wine bar for some dinner and wine. TDH text messaged me while I was in the movie, so I called him after and we made plans to meet up once I was done with dinner. TDH came over and we watched some 90210 and then had some fun in bed, always good times!

Saturday I didn't do anything too exciting, my day got off to a late start since I didn't wake up until 12:30pm since TDH and I didn't get to bed until 4:30am. So I just ran a bunch of errands, got my hair trimmed and then grabbed some dinner.

Today I took an abs class at the dance studio I take classes at which was ridiculously intense, but fantastic! Then just more errand running and finally packing!

So here's something interesting- Friday afternoon I got a phone call from good old Partyboy. He had been out of town for the past few weeks and had just gotten back and called to see what I was up to. We chatted for a bit and that was all. Later on in the night, around 2am, I got a text message from him, but I just ignored it. And then again on Saturday night, he called, but I ignored it. So, how to inform Partyboy that we can still hang out, but only as friends because I am in a relationship? It's just not appropriate for him to be calling me and text messaging me so late at night - I wouldn't be cool with some girl doing that to TDH. Bra Girl thinks that next time he calls during the day, I should just tell him that we can hang out, but just as friends because I'm seeing someone.

Anyways, hopefully TDH will be stopping by tomorrow before I leave to hang out for a bit, but we'll see. I'll be going to Europe for a week to visit family, so I'm so excited! I just can't believe it's here already, my Mom and I have been talking about this for so long. It's not like we've never been, we used to go every year, sometimes twice a year, but it's just been a rough year for my Mom, and we need some good Mother-Daughter bonding time, so we're both really excited.

Anyways, hope you all have a fantastic week, I'll be back on May 13th!