Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm so giddy after watching the new 90210 that I don't know if I'll be able to sleep! WOW!! Wow wow wow wow wow!! Now they just need to bring Dylan back and I will be totally fulfilled. Not sure if I could handle it though, Dylan was my ultimate favorite. But, I would like to find out whether or not I could handle it! I'm sure everyone would be able to hear my screams of joy if they brought him back! Bring back Dylan McKay! YAY!


KennethSF said...

That good, huh? I'm sure members of the previous 90210 generation will make cameo appearances in the news series.

Sarah said...

I'm torn by it. The parts with the old cast members only last about a minute and a half and the rest of the show is focused on the teenagers. I feel a little old for it!

midnite99 said...

Heh. Haven't seen it, and probably won't, but I suffered through a million years of Charmed because I ::heart:: Shannen Doherty. And even after they killed off her character, I kept watching in the (vain) hopes they'd bring her back for the series finale.

Hope all is still well with you and with TDH!